Finds For Fabulous Women is a small Australian business run by a Work at Home Nana. We have been selling since 2008 when the Global Financial Crisis limited work in my industry. I'm Jayne, I'm a Work at Home Nana with 3 grandchildren & I love to shop.

My Story

Back in 2008 my mum asked me to buy her a pair of Tummy Tuck Jeans ( now NYDJ ) when I went to the US. She had tried them on in Goulburn where she lives and loved them, unfortunately they cost about $300 which was way out of her price range.

So off I go to the discount department store in Honolulu and they had heaps at 1/8th of the price. I bought her a couple of pairs, a pair for myself and a pair each for my 2 best friends.

Mum loved them ! My best friends looked at them and declared "I'm not wearing those" (we were about 50 at the time). So stuck with 2 pairs of jeans that didn't fit me, I turned to that place where you sell what you don't want Ebay, they sold in 30 minutes and Finds For Fabulous Women was born.