Miraclesuit - Debutante One Piece Swimsuit - Size US 16D Black

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Look 10 lbs. lighter in 10 seconds with Miraclesuit swimwear. Designed to shape and firm the body without a bulky lining or a vise-like girdle, now you can swim sleek, chic...and in comfort.
Miraclesuit's slimming swimsuit features a seamed d-cup underwire bra and wide stylish straps that provide extra comfort and support. The sweetheart neckline is face framing, and the moderate leg cut helps minimize the hips.
Thе one piece Delta Miraclesuit swimsuit hаѕ brіght colored piping аnԁ curve-enhancing stripes аt уουr sides tο slenderize аnԁ elongate уουr appearance. This sporty athletic design trims inches frοm уουr figure. Thе firm control οf Miratex fabric mаkеѕ уου look 10 lbs lighter аnԁ slimmer.

The Miraclesuit swimsuit scoop neck with underwire swimsuit.
A moderate leg cut slenderizes your hips.
Swimsuit - Minimize Waist - Add Curves - Slenderize Hips and Accentuate Bust

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  • US 16D